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Four to five inch, imported from Peru. 

NEVER derived from trees that are carelessly cut down.


Palo Santo: The Holy Wood has amazing spiritual and emotional healing and connecting properties and also heals the physical body of various ailments.


Emotions: Palo Santo has been traditionally used as a cleanser and purifier, which would have an astounding effect on one’s emotional chemistry. The oil relieves anxiety, depression, and emotional pain and suffering.


Physical: Palo Santo has a calming effect on the immune and nervous systems for ease and quicker recovery from ailments. The smoke has been used for many years to relieve common colds, flu, asthma, and headaches. Palo Santo is a powerful antioxidant, as it has the highest amount of d-limonene (60%-70%) of any tree oil.


Spiritual: Being part of the same botanical family as Frankincense and Myrrh, Palo Santo shares many of the same amazing spiritual benefits. Palo Santo is a high frequency essential oil, raising one’s vibration to Divine Peace. The oil also works with the Sacral chakra, enhancing creativity and balances sexual energy. Palo Santo can be used during any yoga or meditation practice.


Palo Santo, being highly physically, mentally, and spiritually healing, affects a variety of the upper and lower chakras on many different levels.



Palo Santo Sticks " HOLY WOOD" (5 Sticks)

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