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7 Chakra Symbol Stickers

Listing is for 1 Sticker .


-Root - Red

-Sacrum - Orange

-Solar Plexus - Yellow 

-Heart - Lime Green

-Throat - Geyser Blue (color not shown)

-Third Eye - Bright Blue

-Crown - Dark Purple


Sizes are Based on Width


Made with Premium Professional Grade  Vinyl that has an outdoor durability rating of up to 6 years. 

You can put your decal virtually anywhere... on a laptop, car windows, mirror....


These can be applied to ANY dry, clean & non-porous surface. 

Water Proof! NOT recommended for the dishwasher...


There is not a background color to the decal.


Your Order will arrive Ready to Use with Application instructions!


USPS 1st Class Mail Does Not Have a Tracking# - Your Order will be Shipped via USPS without a tracking#.

If you require a Tracking # please send me a message.


7 Chakra Symbols Stickers #2 - Meditation Metaphysical Healing Decals

PriceFrom $3.00
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